Dall’altra parte del cult – Interview with Eric Forsberg

Eric Forsberg between two of his most famous movies!

Eric Forsberg between two of his most famous movies!

Eric Forsberg, director of Megapiranha and Alien abduction, speaks with us about his work, his movies and the Asylum!

K: Hi Eric! You are a writer and a director. Can you tell us how did you commence your adventure in the world of cinema?

EF: I used to make super 8mm movies when I was a kid. Mostly they were little horror films or action movies that I made with my friends. That’s how it started. Then when I was in college I made a film with my friend called It took guts, about a man who eats himself on a hillside. Well, it became a punk-rock cult film and toured the world with a rock group called the mad. After that I always wanted to make movies as my ultimate career. I worked as a writer and director for the stage in Chicago for over a decade learning how to put on a show, then in 1997 I came to Los Angeles and in 2002 I hooked up with the Asylum. I have made more than a dozen movies since.

K: In 2005 you directed Alien abduction, one of the first Asylum movies. Now you’re one of their best writers and directors. How’s the work with The Asylum?

EF: I love working for The Asylum! They offer a lot of up and coming directors their first shot at the big screen (or at least the flat screen). The producers at the Asylum like what I like a lot of the time: epics, Greek myths, hero myths, ancient Nordic tales, huge science fiction epics, and really fun way-out horror. The budgets are not as high as I would like, and the time frame is often rushed, but there is always a movie to be made with them, so I am a loyal writer and director in their stable of talented people.

K: Your most famous movie is probably Megapiranha. What can you tell us about this movie?

EF: Megapiranha was a blast to make. We shot a lot of it in Belize, in the jungles and also in Belize City which is a very colorful place, although it is also extremely poor. The reefs down there are amazing, and we shot for an entire day underwater. Megapiranha is probably my most successful film, but it is also one of my favorites. The fun we had making it is reflected in how fun and light hearted it is to watch.

K: You are both a director and a writer. Which of the two parts is the most difficult? Write a movie without directing it, or direct a film without writing it?

EF: I love both writing and directing. But if I had to compare the two I would have to say that I am a writer in my heart, I cannot help it, it is what I have always done, whether it is poetry or scripts or novels or essays or journal. But I love directing more than any other job. So that is the career choice that I work towards most, even though I cannot help but writer. Writers write. They write all of the time, even on the edges of napkins at a restaurant. If a person wants to know if they are a writer, they need only look at how much they write things down, thoughts, plots, ideas, verse, and their experiences. The combination of writing and directing is a most amazing one because it creates worlds. That is why I like to do both.

K: I read on your biography on Internet that you are a theater director too; which of the two, theater and cinema, is the most suitable to represent the real life?

EF: There is a huge difference between theater and cinema. Plays are based on words, language, it communicates through speaking in real time. Film is a visual form of communication, and it uses pictures and action in distorted time. I have directed some movies like plays, which is not so good, and some plays like movies, which is great.

K: Some of the Asylum movies are called “mockbusters”, but Megapiranha is surely more famous than Piranha 3D. Could we finally silence the critics with this fact?

EF: When Megapiranha came out back in 2010 there were a lot of critics who compared it nose to nose with Piranha 3D – and the general opinion was that Mega Piranha was more fun, more creative, more groundbreaking, and over all a less predictable, more courageous film than Piranha 3D. Sorry Alexandre Aja.

K: Do you have some models, some favourite director of the past?  And which advices would you give to a young up and coming director?

EF: I have always loved movies. My favorite films from my youth are The Godfather (I & II combined), a Clockwork Orange, The Good the Bad and the Ugly, Cabaret, Schindler’s List, Braveheart, Satyricon, Seven Samurai, and Fantasia. My favorite horror movies are Jacobs Ladder, Aliens, the Exorcist, The Tenant, and Attack of the Mushroom People. Some of my favorite films of the last two decades are, Gladiator, Star Trek, Syriana, Sweeny Todd, and Sideways. As for advice for a new young filmmaker: make movies. Just make a lot of movies with your friends and learn how to entertain and how to tell a story. And writer plays for the stage and direct them with actual actors so you can learn how to shape a performance and how to let go and inspire them so they can do their best. Never let yourself become mundane or give up your dreams. If you are called to be an artist then you must answer the call in some way. It is your solemn duty to the universe.

K: Do you have some future projects? Some other movies with the Asylum? We love’em!

EF: Yes – there are always projects in the works – and some really good ones this time. But I will let The Asylum and the other companies that I write and direct for announce the titles. And I hope that you all like them. It is an exciting business.

K: Thank you, Eric, I finished with a question: can you wrote a dedication for the readers of Cinewalkofshame? We liked your movies, it’s a pity that the Italian distribution blocks many movies from other countries…

EF: Yes – to the readers of Cinewalkofshame, keep on watching movies, support the arts, support them at the lowest levels from the things that your friends do all the way to the highest levels of commercial in the theaters on television (or on your computer screen). Keep on doing what you do best and what makes you happy. And keep on reading Cinewalkofshame.

Thank you Eric!


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